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Workforce Explorer is the agency’s main portal for providing information and conducting business in the state of Washington.  The client wanted to improve the organization, functionality and clarity of the site and to make tasks and information on the site as accessible and usable as possible.  They also wanted to create more design flexibility to meet content needs over time.

I (with the Ramp Group) had been engaged to provide consultation, facilitation and services to help improve the organization, functionality, clarity and design flexibility of its primary website:

Although many people visit the site for a variety of purposes, the primary customers (users) of the site are unemployment-benefits claimants, employers, and job seekers. The re-architecture and design increases their productivity by giving them easier access to the items they need. My work played a key strategic part in landing the company re-architecting and design work of for the Employment Security Department.

The scope of the project included:

  • Heuristic assessment of the website;
  • User research and testing; and
  • Redesign of the architecture and the visual look and feel of the website.


  1. Researchers had to use a search engine (such as Google or Bing) to find documents because they are unable to find the documents they needs on the site itself.
  2. Multiple navigations exposed for multiple persona types confuses each persona’s workflow.
  3. No clear user flow, or organization.

  1. Integrated smart-filtering by persona / results in a grid, and validate per user scenario.
  2. Narrow down to one navigation
  3. Items recategorized to: Reports & Publications or Employment Resources

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